Wild Hogs is your reliable source for Chinese scooter parts!

There are many companies on the internet that can sell you a scooter, but very few that can support them. We carry parts for all of the scooters that we sell including our ATVs and other models. We also have the expertise to help you find the right part for the right job. Remember, a scooter is only as good as the place you purchase it from.

Licensed, Registered, Insured, Bonded.

Scooter Parts

Smaller parts such as spark plugs, fuel and air filters, belts, and valves are all in stock and all inexpensive and can be installed in minutes.

Tires and Batteries

Tires come in many sizes. Bring your scooter into Wild Hogs and we can replace your damaged or worn out tire in no time.

Batteries mostly come in two sizes. If your battery is dead or faulty you can always start your scooter by kick starting it with no battery power needed.


A carburetor is a very important part on a scooter. Gasoline passes through the carb into the engine. Ethanol, from gas, can clog your carburetor and a good cleaning and carb adjustment from Wild Hogs can make it run like new again.

Need parts? Visit your local Wild Hogs today!

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