If you don’t want to pay with plastic and you don’t have the necessary cash on hand, you may ask us about a layaway plan. Layaway purchase plans are designed for our customers who want to buy our amazing bikes without having to finance or paying the full price immediately.

When you buy an outright, or finance it, you take the merchandise home with you. When you use layaway, you will put down a deposit and pay over time; and we will hold the bike for you in reserve. You will get to take the bike only when you have paid for the item in full.

Here is how our layaway program works:

Availability Scooters Motorcycles Dirtbikes/ATVs
Payments Every Two Weeks Every Two Weeks Every Two Weeks
Down Payment 15% 45% 15%
Service Fee NONE! NONE! NONE!
Cancellation 15% of Total Price 25% of Total Price 15% of Total Price
Term 6 Months 45 Days 6 Months